Voluntary Sector

Contribution of the voluntary sector to the safeguarding agenda

The voluntary and community sector has a vital role to play in the work of the Local Safeguarding Children Board. Voluntary and community agencies, as well as faith organisations, are often the first point of contact for local families, children and young people needing help and support. The voluntary sector, therefore, is extremely well-placed to make early assessments of need, make early interventions and undertake preventative work. Voluntary organisations are also able to play an advocacy role, enabling and supporting families and children to access and understand statutory services.

Please refer to the links below to keep in touch with current developments as well as engage with policy makers and commissioners of services.

Hounslow Voluntary Sector Guidance

Hounslow Safeguarding Children Guidance

Policy and Procedures for Voluntary, Community and Faith Organisations

This guidance document has been produced by Hounslow Voluntary Sector Support Service (HVSSS) on behalf of the Hounslow Safeguarding Children Board (HSCB). To download your own copy of the guidance please visit www.hscb.org.uk or at http://www.hounslowhub.org.uk/. By having the Book online, we can ensure that you are always able to access the most recent version, reflecting changes in national guidance or legislation.

For further information on Hounslow Children’s Social Care threshold guidance, please visit www.hscb.org.uk

How to use this guidance?

The Book aims to inform the day-to-day work of staff or volunteers who are in direct contact with children, young people, or families.

All groups within the voluntary and community and faith sectors should have a Nominated Safeguarding Person (NSP). Nominated Safeguarding Persons (NSPs), Deputy Nominated Safeguarding Persons, trustees and senior managers are advised to read through the document and explore resources and contacts referenced in the Book.

HSCB VCF Safeguarding Policy Leaflet

HSCB VCF Safeguarding Guidance