Serious Case Reviews

What is the purpose of a serious case review (SCR)?

Under Regulation 5 of the Local Safeguarding Children Board Regulations (2006), LSCBs are required to undertake reviews of serious incidents where a child has died or seriously harmed and where abuse or neglect is known or suspected to have been a factor. Reviews should also take place when there is cause for concern in the way the local authority, LSCB partners or other relevant person(s) have worked together to safeguard the child.

Working Together to Safeguard Children 2015 provides further instruction that a serious case review (SCR) should always be carried out when a child dies:

  • in custody
  • on remand or following sentencing
  • in a Young Offenders Institution
  • in a secure training centre or a secure children’s home
  • or where the child is detained under the Mental Health Act 2005
  • Regulations include cases where a child died by suspected suicide

Publication of Serious Case Review Reports

Reviews of all cases meeting the SCR criteria will be published unless there are clear reasons why it should not, for example, the protection of surviving siblings. If published, the report will be accessible on the LSCBs website for a minimum of 12 months. Thereafter, the report will be made available on request.

To request a copy of past Executive Summary Reports, please contact the LSCB Business Support and Development Officer on 020 8583 3068

For further information on national guidance, please refer to page 75 of the Working Together to Safeguard Children March 2015 guidance using the link below:

Working Together to Safeguard Children March 2015 - Serious Case Reviews

SCR Reports

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