Neglect Strategy 2017 - 2019

The impact of neglect on children is significant. As well as being potentially fatal, neglect causes great distress and leads to poor health, educational and social outcomes in the short and long-term (NSPCC, 2014). Consequences of neglect can include health and mental health problems, difficulties in forming attachment and relationships, lower educational achievements, increased risk of substance misuse, higher risk of experiencing abuse as well as difficulties in assuming parenting responsibilities later on in life.

Neglect is the most prevalent child safeguarding issue in Hounslow and tackling neglect is a key priority for the Hounslow Safeguarding Children Board (HSCB) because of the serious impact it has on long-term outcomes for children. Our joint response to neglect has been driven by the HSCB and a multi-agency strategy has been developed in response to our improving knowledge and understanding of the causes and effects of neglect.

The strategy should not be viewed in isolation and should be considered alongside other key documents including early help policies and procedures, Hounslow’s Thresholds Guidance and Assessment Protocol 2016 and the Child and Family Assessment Notification (CFAN).